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 AGRIPPA VITESSE ORC,RN, otherwise known as Marcus. Shown here getting his Rally Obedience title (in 3 consecutive shows).  Shown with Bill Bobrow-his good friend and trainer-  Bred and owned by Patrick Burlingame-Vitesse Whippets 



Puzzle and Giselle complete AKC lure coursing titles, FC Vitesse Turandot, FC Vitesse Giselle 


Giselle  Teddi

     Giselle completes ORC title 2015,                         Teddi completes her RCH

            FC Vitesse Giselle, ORC                       FC Vitesse Theodora, RCh, ORC, 2015 

2010 Champions

2010 Champion


Vitesse Whippets Salute

The NOTRA Top 5 Whippets 2014
1.  ZZYZX (Sire: Vitesse Talk Is Cheap)
2.  SEXY BEAST (Sire: Vitesse Amade' D’Mar)
3.  TURBINADO (Dam: Vitesse Marzipan)
4.  BAM  (Sire: Vitesse Ozimanidas)
5.  TATUM (Sire: Vitesse Full Pull) 

NAWRA Nationals August 2015
1. ENGLISH (Sire: Vitesse Talk Is Cheap)
2. MONTY (Sire: Vitesse Talk Is Cheap)

NOTRA Western Derby August 2015
1.    SEXY BEAST (Sire: Vitesse Amade' D’Mar)

WRA Nationals October 2015
1.     ZZYZX(Sire: Vitesse Talk Is Cheap)
2.     ENGLISH(Sire: Vitesse Talk Is Cheap)

NOTRA Nationals October 2015
1.     SEXY BEAST(Sire: Vitesse Amade' D’Mar)
2.     ZZYZX(Sire: Vitesse Talk Is Cheap)